Mountain Bike

5-Volcano trip

5-Volcano trip

This North Patagonia area has one of the greatest numbers of volcanoes in the world. This is a
trip that takes us to the base of 5 of them is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. Molcho,
Choshuenco, Villarrica, Quetrupillán and Laní­n volcanoes, with their spectacular conic shapes, will
be the permanent guardians of this excellent bike trip.

Gravel Road 50%
Paved Road 50%
6 Days
285 KM
Seven Lakes road

Seven Lakes road

This circuit is within the classics of North Patagonia and it invites us to travel along the shores of
Nahuel Huapi, Correntoso, Traful, Meliquina and Lacar lakes.
To enjoy this trip even more, we recommend adding a boat excursion on the Nahuel Huapi lake
and about ten km mountain biking on the paths in Peninsula de Quetrihué (Quetrihué Peninsula)
in Villa La Angostura.

Gravel Road 70%
Paved Road 30%
3 Days190 KM
Domuyo Trip

Domuyo Trip

Mountain Bike trip lovers consider this circuit spectacular. The roads go through great valleys,
where only some local people and their animals live.
The mountains in the area are between 3000 to 4700m high and the loneliness of the place gives
the ideal framework to out bike adventure.

Gravel Road 100%
5 Days
250 KM
Patagonia Tour

Patagonia Tour

Patagonia is a unique place in the world, where history, culture and nature mix in a very special
The Andes Mountain Range offers very attractive roads between Argentina and Chile that seem
to be designed to travel by bike. It is undoubtedly the perfect framework for one of the most
incredible Mountain Bike trips.

Gravel Road 80%
Paved Road 20%
Nov & Mar
13 Days
560 KM