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Domuyo Trip


Domuyo Trip

Previous Day: Meeting in Varvaco, setting the equipment and explanation of the movement and safety criteria that we are going to use.

Day 1: We begin this day cycling on the bank of Neuquén River. We'll have a soft slope going constantly uphill northeast on a wide valley and a well consolidated road. Our first night of camping under the stars will be very close to the source of the river on a green calm place that will let us rest. Total: 70km approximately.

Domuyo Trip

Day 2: This day will begin with a great climbing towards the Amazing Varvarco Ocampo Ponds (the highest place in the circuit). The wide valley where we will sleep will lead us to a much narrower one since we are going towards the ponds source and from that high spot we will see the majestic Domuyo Volcano (4715m). During this day the support vehicle won't be able to join us since the road almost disappears and for many hours we will be pedaling on very ancient paths. The end of this day will be spectacular because we will get to bathe in hot springs coming form the volcano. Total: 55/60 km

Domuyo Trip

Day 3: Aguas Calientes - Varvarco. After bathing in hot springs and with our muscles totally relaxed we begin this day. At the beginning, the slope won'™t be very steep and it will take us to two great canyons where we will lose a lot of height to then gain it again in long zigzags. The second of these canyons, Atreuco, is a stunning place because of the rock formations that surround it. Once we pass the second canyon, the road goes downhill towards Varvarco, the town where we will spend the night in cabins. Total: 41 km.

Day 4: Varvarco - Huinganco. Our last day pedaling will be absolutely incredible. We'll start early after a good breakfast. We begin crossing Neuquen River to enter a mountain road that will take us south along the shoreline of the mentioned river. We will be quite tired going up and downhill all the time, but the path’s marvelous landscape will make us up. We will go by more or less 10 local people’s ranchos (houses) to get to one of the most beautiful towns in the area, Huinganco at the end of the day. We will sleep there and enjoy are farewell dinner. Total: 60km approximately.

Day 5: Breakfast. End of our services.

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