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Domuyo Trip

Why us?

  • Because we are sensitive to our clients needs and we do everything we can for you to feel at ease and safe.

  • Because we know that we work with our clients' needs and expectations and with their willingness to overcome their own limitations. We take our job very seriously, knowing the importance of the whole experience in the development of our clients as human beings.

  • Because safety is our main concern.

  • Because the 11-year experience we have allows us to operate a great amount of different activities without losing quality in any of them.

  • Because we plan our activities integrally and we pay attention to all the details that are part of them, from the diet we bring to the quality of service providers we hire.

  • Because we only work with the most qualified guides in this area, who are capable of making decisions in the most difficult situations.

  • Because we elaborate customized programs, aiming at the uniqueness of each experience.

  • Because Patagonia is our work place but also our place in the world, where we choose to live. That's why, we are very much aware of the impact we have on the environment and we try to reduce it to the least possible level. Even so, we know that it exists, and for that reason we are part of "1% For The Planet" donating part of our incomes to environmental campaigns.

  • Because we are passionate about the job we do and we love showing our country and sharing our clients' experiences.

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