Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike San Martín de los Andes


Day 1. To warm up the engines, the proposal is a journey to Lago Escondido, crossing mountain trails and paths. Lago Escondido is located on the south side of Lago Lacar. Total distance: 35/40 km

Day 2. After a good rest and breakfast we start our mountain biking from the village towards the north of San Martin de los Andes. The ride initially leads to different paths in Laguna Rosales, and then continues to the base of Cerro Colorado. Finally we return to the village going through Mapuche lands. Distance: 45km

Day 3. The last day of the program, the proposal is a ride along Valle del Aguila, connecting Cerro Chapelco. Then, we descend to San Martin de los Andes crossing paths within Mapuche lands. Distance: 30 km

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