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Laguna Verde to Lago Lolog (Lanin Nat.Park)


Laguna Verde  to  Lago Lolog (Lanin Nat.Park)

Day 1: Laguna Verde – Rincón de los Pinos Very early, we leave by vehicle from San Martín de los Andes to Laguna Verde (2 hs.) From the beach of Laguna Verde we start trekking through the woods. When we leave the forest, we will go into a black sand land that will slowly transform in a landscape similar to a high located desert. Going through it, we will find Portezuelo Waterfall and Achen Ñiyeu Volcano, which has on its hillside the beginning of a beautiful Escorial, solidified lava river. Around noon we reach the highest part of the route (1500 meters above sea level) where we will have lunch. After lunch we start trekking down a new valley for the next two days. This steppe valley where thatch (“coirones” – hard grass typical of Patagonian Steppe) abounds. After wading across Auquinco River’s quiet but cold water several times, we can stop to enjoy, on hot days, the freshness of the water and a well-deserved rest. In this valley it is normal to find traces of red deer, wild boar and, with a little luck, seeing one of them. Trekking time: 7 hours. Accommodation: wild camping – no services. 16km.

Day 2: Rincón de los Pinos – Puerto Auquinco We continue our trail south along the same valley (Valley Auquinco). After crossing the last river, we begin a continuous descent towards Lolog Lake. Walking on these forests, it is common to see birds such as the Pitío, a friendly woodpecker, which is very hard to see. Besides we can see the Giant Woodpecker and the Huet-Huet among others. In the afternoon we arrive at the shores of Lolog Lake where we set up our tents to spend the night. Trekking time: 5 hours. Accommodation: wild camping – no services. 11km.

Day 3: Puerto Auquinco – Puerto Arturo After a good breakfast by the lake, we start our last day of the program. This day takes place along the shoreline of Lolog Lake, in a thick fresh humid forest. After two hours trekking, we will get to Playa Bonita (Beautiful Beach) and weather permitting, this is a great place for a stop and a swim in the lake. After lunch we continue to Puerto Arturo where a transfer will be waiting for us to return to San Martín de los Andes. Trekking time: 4/5 hours. 9,5km.

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