Trekking Patagonia

Domuyo Volcano ascent

Domuyo Volcano ascent
Technical Difficulty: Low
Physical Demand: High
Length of the program: 4
Meeting point: Chos Malal
Return point: Chos Malal
Number of clients per group: Min 3
Ages: 16 onwards

The Highlights

  • Safely enjoy your very exciting first steps in high mountains.

  • These long slow-hike and without great slopes paths let us enjoy every moment of this adventure.

  • Being immersed in great spaces, a wild landscape and impressive views.

  • Your body will be challenged, your head focused on the objective, the group and the guide helping you to enjoy the achievement you’ll feel with every step.

Brief Description

The “Patagonian Roof” is an enormous and majestic mountain. Its shape is similar to the high mountains that you may find towards the north on the mountain range, but due to its geographic position, it is located in Patagonia. Considerably challenging, because of its hostile weather, this adventure is undoubtedly a marvellous experience to be shared with mountain friends.

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