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Salta - Argentina

Considered one of the most beautiful areas of Argentina, the CalchaquĂ­ Valley, with its breathtaking colors, constitutes a fantastic environment full of wide valleys and original rock formations. During this bike tour you will be surrounded by some of the highest peaks of the Andes Mountains and you will visit ancient, pre-Columbian and colonial villages, which have remained almost intact over the years. This region, due to its landscapes and climate, is the perfect destination for a bike tour!

- Unique and enchanting lodgings, a highlight on their own
- Culinary experiences related to viticulture
- Small-scale wineries that produce wines of recognized quality at high altitude
- A culturally rich environment everywhere we go, always welcomed by the warmth and friendliness of the people from the north
- An intense and complete cycling adventure, very different from bike tours in other regions of the country

Day before
After meeting in the city of Salta we will have lunch and take some time to check the equipment and prepare the bikes. If we have time, we will try to test the bikes on a short ride to a nearby viewpoint. In the afternoon we will meet with the guides to discuss the itinerary of the tour, general information about the weather in the area, maps, and information regarding the safety and the guiding of the group on the route.

Day 1 | Salta - Cafayate [Quebrada de Las Conchas]
Today we start the day with a 140-kilometer transfer towards the south, where we will find one of the most stunning destinations of this tour, the Las Conchas Gorge, the starting point of our cycling adventure. On the way we will make several stops to take pictures and contemplate la Garganta del Diablo (the Devil's Throat), the Amphitheater, and other beautiful viewpoints.
Near the end of the gorge we will stop for a short hike on the Los Estratos trail (1 hour duration). On our way back, once outside the gorge, we suggest taking the road that passes through the town of San Carlos. We can reach this beautiful town after about 20 km on a gravel road, surrounded by beautiful scenery.
Our last stop will be at the original La Burra brewery, where we will stop to relax, grab a bite, and have a few beers. We will then take a transfer to the beautiful town of Cafayate, where we will spend the night in an exclusive lodge.

Day 2 | Cafayate - Cafayate [Bike & wineries]
We start the day with a transfer to the Quilmes Ruins, where we will visit the archaeological site and the interpretation center. At the end of the visit, we will ride our bikes to Estancia Los Cardones, where we will enjoy our first wine tasting with some appetizers, surrounded by a unique landscape.
After the tasting, we continue by bike to El Porvenir Winery, in the town of Cafayate, where we will have lunch and enjoy another tour. We can spend the rest of the afternoon discovering the town and the highlights of the old main square.

Day 3 | Cafayate - Molinos
We leave our beautiful lodging in Cafayate to continue our way towards the north.
Before jumping on the bikes, we will make a first stop in the town of San Carlos, where we will enjoy a unique experience. We will participate in a pottery workshop with a local artisan who will give us a complete, 2-hour demonstration.
We then take a transfer to the unique landscape of Las Flechas Gorge, where we will make a short hike before jumping on the bikes. During this cycling section we will bike from the Las Flechas Gorge to the town of Molinos.

Day 4 | Molinos - Molinos [Brealito Lagoon and Colome Winery]
After breakfast we take a transfer to the Brealito Lake, a body of water in the middle of the mountains at 2700 meters above sea level. After visiting the place, we will jump on our bikes and start the 41 km mountain ride to the famous Colome Winery.
Amazing experiences await us. First, we will taste the excellent quality wines that are produced at the winery, and then we will visit the James Turrel Light Museum, a treat for the eyes. Finally, you can return to the hotel in Molinos either by bike, for those who still want to add some more kilometers to their tour, or you can take the transfer (17 km).

Day 5 | Molinos - Cachi [Acsibi Caves and artisans]
Today we will have the opportunity to visit a hidden and unique destination. We start with a transfer to the village of Seclantás. We will travel in 4x4 vehicles across the valley and over a dry river bed for about 16km to the parking lot, where the 5km hike begins. At the end of the trek we will reach a private field where the Acsibi Caves are located, and where we will stop for lunch. The erosion of the water on these soft and reddish rocks resulted in stunning and breathtaking rounded shapes and the formation of caves where the light that penetrates gives a unique effect.
Once we return to the parking lot, we will ride our bikes for 16 km back to the road and then continue to the artisans’ market. The first 4 km along the river bed are somewhat technical but doable with patience and following the instructions of the guides.
At the end of the road, after walking around the market and some shopping, we take the transfer to Cachi to finish this great day in the NOA (northwestern Argentina).

Day 6 | Cachi - Salta [Las Coloradas Valley, Los Cardones National Park, Cuesta del Obispo]
This is our last day on the bikes and two unique experiences await us at the end of this journey. First, we will visit part of Los Cardones National Park, in an area called Las Coloradas, which has incredible colors and formations. Then we have a short transfer that will take us to the top of one of the best descents in the area, the Cuesta del Obispo Hill. These are 40 km of continuous descent in which we will pass from the dry region with cacti to the lush jungle area. The perfect ending to our great cycling adventure. After the descent, a 50 km transfer to the city of Salta awaits us.

Day 7
Farewell and free time in Salta, flight schedule permitting. Transfer to the airport.
[Optional - visit to MAAM Museum]


Day before Metting Hostelry
Day 1 50 km 160 km 450 mts 30 km 20 km Hostelry
Day 2 76 km 54 km 621 mts 48 km 28 km Hostelry
Day 3 47 km 57 km 622 mts 0 47 km Hostlery
Day 4 41 km 57 km 450 mts 0 41 km Hostelry
Day 5 33 km 80 km 165 mts 0 33 km Hostelry
Day 6 80 km 90 km 910 mts 40 km 40 km Hostelry


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