Technical Information

Total days: 6
Program days: 5
Meeting point: San Martin de Los Andes.
Ending point: San Martin de Los Andes.

- Accommodations
- Guide
- Support vehicle
- Lunch en route
- Group camping equipment
- Dinner and breakfast at camp
- Repairing equipment
- First aid kits
- Group/vehicle communication equipment

- Dinners in the villages

- Bicycles
- Other accommodations
- Personal Equipment
- Daytime activities in Pucon

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Patagonia - Argentina - Chile

This region of northern Patagonia has one of the largest concentrations of volcanoes in the world and cycling by the foot of five of them is, no doubt, an unforgettable experience. The volcanoes Mocho, Choshuenco, Villarrica, Quetrupillán, and Lanín, together with their spectacular conic shapes, will be the protagonists of this unique bike tour.

Highlights of this Double Andean Traverse
- Enjoy this land of volcanoes, explore their conic shapes, and discover their traces on the terrain beneath our feet.
- Travel through the heart of the Valdivian Forest, surrounded by dense forests of gigantic and ancient araucarias.
- Traverse the Andes by bike not once, but twice.
- Enjoy local dishes with delicacies from the Pacific Ocean.

Bike traverse
Bike traverse

Day Before
Meeting in San Martín de los Andes.
Briefing with the guide to set up the bikes and discuss the last details of the tour.

Day 1 | San Martin de Los Andes - Pucón
Today we will take a transfer for about 100 km to the national park entrance, where we will jump on the bikes. After a few kilometers, we will have to make a stop to complete migration procedures. Once on the Chilean side, we will begin a long, 30-kilometer descent on an asphalted road. We will then turn to a gravel road with fewer vehicles. The landscape will be much more humid and lush, with wide rivers and incredible green meadows.
As we get closer to Pucón, we will discover the Villarrica Volcano with its smoking caldera. Once in Pucón, we will make our way to our accommodation for the night.

Km Totales: 88 -  Desnivel acumulado 780 mts
Km Totales: 88 - Desnivel acumulado 780 mts

Day 2 | Pucón
Today’s journey begins at 7 am when we take a transfer to the Villarrica Volcano’s base (15 km). Once we arrive we will begin the 6-hour ascent that will take us straight to the breathtaking crater rim. After enjoying this unique phenomenon we will descend to the vehicle that will drive us back to Pucón.

Day 3 | Pucón - Transvolcanic Route - Coñaripe
We start the day biking for about 20 km on an asphalted road and then turn south along the Transvolcanic Route, entering the Villarrica National Park between the Villarrica and Quetrupillán volcanoes.
Today we will not have any supporting vehicle due to the terrain’s conditions.
This stretch of the tour is one of the most special but it is also the most challenging of the entire trip. The terrain, the volcanoes, and the forests, however, are worth the effort.
After completing the Transvolcanic Route we will arrive in Coñaripe, where we will spend the night.

Km Totales: 67 -  Desnivel acumulado 1400 mts
Km Totales: 67 - Desnivel acumulado 1400 mts

Day 4 | Coñaripe - Green Lagoon
After a tasty breakfast, we will head east towards the Argentinean border. The quiet and tree-covered path will slowly become steeper and steeper as it climbs to one of the most beautiful and less visited passes of the region, Carirriñe Pass.
The highest section of the pass runs inside large forests of lengas and coihues that shelter us from the sun rays.
Once in Argentina, we will cycle to our camp on Lake Verde, in the Lanín National Park. The camping site is surrounded by gorgeous views and provides the perfect spot for the last meal of our adventure.

Km Totales: 72 -  Desnivel acumulado 2000 mts
Km Totales: 72 - Desnivel acumulado 2000 mts

Day 5 | Green Lagoon - San Martín de Los Andes
After enjoying a delicious breakfast we will begin the last section of this tour towards San Martín de Los Andes.
We will cycle by the lakes Big Curruhué and Small Curruhué. The big forests change slowly as we make our way towards the east and they become less humid.
After noon we will head south and descend to the shores of Lake Lolog. From there we will ride the last 12 km back to San Martin de Los Andes.

Km Totales: 75 -  Desnivel acumulado 752 mts
Km Totales: 75 - Desnivel acumulado 752 mts


Day before Meeting Hotel
Day 1 88 km 780 mts 50 km 38 km Hotel
Day 2 Villarrica Ascent Hotel
Day 3 67 km 1400 mts 20 km 47 km Hotel
Day 4 72 km 2000 mts 32 km 40 km Camp
Day 5 65 km 752 mts 0 65 km Hotel


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