Technical Information

Total days: 3
Days in the mountains: 3
Meeting point: S.C de Bariloche.
Ending point: S.C de Bariloche.

- Lodging in a shelter
- Mountain guide
- All meals in the mountains
- Personal technical equipment
- Group Technical equipment
- Communication equipment
- First Aid equipment


Río Negro - Argentina - 3490 mts

The ascent to Argentino Peak, Mount Tronador’s summit, is one of the biggest mountain adventures you can experience in Patagonia, a 3-day ascent with all the beauties and challenges of alpine climbing.
This is, no doubt, one of those experiences worth living, especially if you are accompanied by one of our experienced guides.
Mount Tronador is a stunning mountain. Its name, Tronador, which translates as thunderous, was given due to the constant ice calving that takes place in the mountain, which produces loud roars several times a day.

Highlights of the ascent to Mount Tronador
- Conquer one of the most emblematic peaks in northern Patagonia.
- Walk over glaciers with breathtaking cracks.
- Spend the night at a mountain hut at the foot of the glacier.
- Learn rescue maneuvers.

Mount Tronador Ascent
Mount Tronador Ascent

Day 1 - "The adventure begins"
Today we will leave Bariloche and we will drive to Pampa Linda, located at the foot of Mount Tronador. The ascent begins following a small track which then widens and becomes a clear mountain path. After 4/5 hours we will reach Meiling Hut (1890 m).
After reaching the hut, if we still have enough time and energy left, we recommend making our way to the glaciers near the hut to go over some technical aspects, which will be of great help on the next day.

Day 2 - "On our way to Mount Tronador’s summit"
90% of the ascent to the summit takes place over glacial terrain and will be assisted by rope almost from the start. Leaving very early in the morning, it takes about 7/9 hrs to reach the top and 3 hrs to return to the hut, depending on the snow conditions, the mountain, and the fitness level of the group.
The last stretch before the summit is the most technical one. There is a climbing section over snow/ice with a short 3 to 4-meter rock climbing area, where the guide will secure every trekker with a rope from the top.

Day 3 - "Return"
The last day is the most relaxed one. After resting at the hut we will begin the descent to Pampa Linda, from where we will drive back to Bariloche, the ending point of this adventure.


Day 1 890 mts 1000 - 1890 4 / 5 Shelter
Day 2 1590 mts 1890 - 3480 - 1890 7 / 9 Shelter
Day 3 -890 mts 1890 - 1000 3 / 4 S.C. Bariloche


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