Technical Information

Total days: 10
Program days: 9
Meeting point: Villa La Angostura.
Ending point: San MartĂ­n de Los Andes.

- Accommodations
- Guide
- Support vehicle
- Lunch en route
- Repair and cleaning equipment
- First aid kits
- Group/vehicle communication equipment

- Bicycles

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Patagonia - Argentina - Chile

The Andes Mountains offer very attractive paths between Argentina and Chile that are ideal for biking trips. On this tour, you will experience one of the most thrilling and incredible adventures in the world.
Patagonia is famous for its unique landscapes, cultures, climate, and people. Most of this trip takes place in a huge volcanic area, where the Andes Mountains are still moving and seem to breathe through craters and hot springs.
This tour will be an unforgettable experience, where the senses will be heightened and will create long-lasting memories.

Highlights of the Patagonian Tour
- Bike from Argentina to Chile through the Andes Mountains.
- Visit four of the most significant national parks in Patagonia.
- Get close to some of the region’s most stunning volcanoes: Lanín, Villarrica, Quetrupillán, and Mocho Choshuenco.
- Dive into natural hot springs emerging from within the volcanoes.
- Drink water from the pure, crystal-clear Patagonian rivers and streams.
- Try the renowned Argentinean Malbec together with exquisite grilled meat.

Patagonia on Bike
Patagonia on Bike

Day Before
Meeting at Bariloche International Airport and transfer to Villa la Angostura.
Briefing with the guide to set up the bikes and discuss the details of the tour.

Day 1 | Villa La Angostura - Villa Traful
Today we will ride from the hotel to the Correntoso River and Lake area. We will follow the Road of the 7 Lakes for about 20 kilometers up to a junction, where a gravel path will take us to Villa Traful. This trail goes up for about 900 meters to a narrow pass. After crossing the pass we still have to ride another 25 km of ups and downs skirting Lake Traful to reach our destination. Most of today’s ride takes place in a mountainous, wooded area.

Day 2 | Villa Traful - Filo Hua Hum
We leave early in the morning through a winding, gravel path with differences in altitude not higher than 100 meters. We skirt Lake Traful until we get to the confluence between the Traful and Limay rivers. From here we will follow the road known as Paso del CĂłrdoba. The first 10 km of this gravel road are quite flat, but then an ascent to the first narrow pass begins. We then descend and ascend once more to the pass itself. From the pass, and surrounded by incredible views of the stone formations of varied colors, we start a descent of almost 12 km to the Caleufu River, a perfect spot for a short break, where we will enjoy a drink or lunch, depending on the time of arrival. We will then ride the last 10 km to the camping site.

Day 3 | Filo Hua Hum - San MartĂ­n de Los Andes
From our campsite, we cycle along a wide gravel road bordering Lake Meliquina for approximately 28 km. The first half of the ride takes place under the sun, but we then enter a forest that will provide some shadow. We will continue cycling until we reach the asphalted road that leads to San Martin de Los Andes.

Day 4 | San MartĂ­n de Los Andes
Free day for optional activities like kayaking, trekking, or riding the mountain bike circuit around Chapelco Winter Center. These activities are not included in the program.

Day 5 | San MartĂ­n de Los Andes - PucĂłn
Today we will take a transfer for about 100 km to the national park entrance, where we will jump back on our bikes. After a few kilometers, we will have to make a stop to comply with the migration procedures. Once on the Chilean side, we will begin a long, 30-kilometer descent on an asphalted road. We will then turn to a gravel road with fewer vehicles, where the landscape will be more humid and lush, with wide rivers and incredible green meadows.
As we get closer to PucĂłn, we will discover to the left a new peak, the Villarrica Volcano with its smoking caldera.

Day 6 | Pucón - Transvolcanic Route - Coñaripe
We start the day biking for about 20 km on an asphalted road and then turn south along the Transvolcanic Route, entering the Villarrica National Park between the Villarrica and Quetrupillán volcanoes.
Today we will not have a supporting vehicle due to the terrain’s conditions.
This stretch of the tour is one of the most special but also the most challenging of the entire trip. The terrain, the volcanoes, and the forests, however, are worth the effort.
After completing the Transvolcanic Route we will arrive in Coñaripe, where we will spend the night.

Día 7 | Coñaripe - Panguipulli
Today is more relaxed as we cycle on asphalted roads, skirting first the shores of Lake Calafquen and then Lake Pillingue. The rest of the day takes place on green meadows and surrounded by stunning views.
We will end the day at a special hotel located on the shores of Lake Panguipulli, with incredible views.

Day 8 | Panguipulli - Huilo Huilo
After a good night’s sleep, we begin a great day of adventure. During the morning we will skirt the shores of Lake Panguipulli and we will slowly gain better views of the Mocho - Choshuenco Volcanoes.
In the afternoon, a winding and lush path takes us to the Huilo Huilo reserve, a special place to spend the rest of the day.
We will be welcomed at the Nothofagus Hotel, where we will spend a truly unique night.

Day 9 | Huilo Huilo - San MartĂ­n de los Andes
We will start the day with a 5-kilometer descent to Puerto Fuy, where we will board a boat and we will navigate through Lake Pirehueico for 2 hours. We will then ride to the Chilean border control and then to the one on the Argentinean side. Once in Argentina we just have to skirt Lake Lakar until we reach San MartĂ­n de Los Andes.


Day before Meeting Hostelry
Day 1 60 km 1140 mts 30 km 30 km Hostelry
Day 2 80 km 1460 mts 0 80 km Dormy
Day 3 60 km 700 mts 30 km 30 km Hostelry
Day 4 FREE Hostelry
Day 5 88 km 780 mts 50 km 38 km Hostelry
Day 6 67 km 1400 mts 20 km 57 km Hostelry
Day 7 55 km 540 mts 55 km 0 Hostelry
Day 8 63 km 1200 mts 63 km 0 Hostelry
Day 9 60 km 1140 mts 5 km 55 km Hostelry


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