Technical Information

Total days: 4
Days in the mountains: 2
Meeting point: San Martin de Los Andes.
Finishing point: San Martin de Los Andes.

- Mountain guide
- Assistant
- Entry to the estate
- Shelter
- All meals in the mountains
- Personal technical equipment
- Group Technical equipment
- Communication equipment
- First Aid equipment

- Accommodation in San Martin de los Andes
- Load bearing
- Personal Equipment


Araucanía - Chile - 2236 mts

The northern Patagonia section of the Andes has a great number of volcanoes of easy access and stunning views. The Puyehue Volcano, located very close to the Argentinean border, is one of them and it offers a 2-day, technically easy ascent and a night at a cozy wooden hut beyond the tree line.
This tour is perfect for those looking for a quiet and pleasant mountain experience.

Highlights of Puyehue Volcano
- Walk across the Valdivian forest and through big gullies shaped by the water and wind.
- Reach the volcano crater rim and walk around it.
- Discover the paths created by volcanic lava during the last eruptions.
- Spend the night in the mountain and begin the trek before dawn.

Puyehue Volcano
Puyehue Volcano

Day before the ascent
The previous afternoon we will have a briefing with the mountain guide in charge of the ascent. We will check the equipment, discuss the final details of the program, and clear any doubts that the group members might still have.

Day 1 - "The mountain adventure begins"
We will begin our journey early in the morning from San Martín de Los Andes or Villa La Angostura and we will head to the international Samoré Pass.
Once in Chile, we will drive a few kilometers to the estate where the trail begins.
The trek starts in the Valdivian forest, which slowly turns into a mountain forest and then into a meadow. Right where the views of the volcano widen we will find the wooden hut, where we will spend the night illuminated by candlelight.

Day 2 - "On our way to Puyehue's summit"
After breakfast and before dawn we will begin our ascent to the top (where the crater rim is). The trail crosses several high altitude pastures before entering a more mountainous section, with rocks and snow patches that make the ascent easier. The trek to the crater rim takes 3-4 hours. From the top, we will enjoy great views of the inside and 360° panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. After enjoying this beautiful place in such a unique environment, we start the descent to the hut and from there to the vehicles. From the estate, we still have to drive to the border and cross back to the Argentinean side.


Day 1 1000 mts 330 - 1330 4 / 5 Camp
Day 2 1000 mts 1330 - 2300 - 330 7 San Martín de Los Andes


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