Technical Information

Total days: 5
Days in the mountains: 3
Meeting point: San Martin de Los Andes.
Finishing point: San Martin de Los Andes.

- Mountain guide
- Transfers
- Accommodations
- All meals in the mountains
- Personal technical equipment
- Group Technical equipment
- Communication equipment
- First Aid equipment


AraucanĂ­a - Chile

In this section of the Andes, the tectonic plate movement resulted in a large number of stunning volcanoes. Despite being covered in snow during the austral winter, these volcanoes offer breathtaking ascents during the spring and summer months.
On this volcano tour, you will conquer 3 volcanoes, you will enjoy panoramic views of this “volcano land”, and you will also be able to look inside one of their craters.
The volcano ascents are semi-technical, which means that crampons and ice axes will be needed.

Highlights of this Volcano Tour
- Get to know a section of the Ring of Fire.
- Conquer 3 volcanoes in 5 days.
- Look into open and smoking craters.
- Relax your muscles in volcanic hot springs.
- Try local dishes prepared with delicacies from the Pacific Ocean.
- Enjoy stunning views from the tops.

Note: Due to the proximity of the volcanic cones in this area, the itinerary below is just an example that can be easily modified by increasing the physical and technical demands of the ascents.
The groups are small to allow the guide to keep high security standards.
Please, do not hesitate to ask for different ascent options.

Volcanoes ascent
Volcanoes ascent

Day 1
Morning: Welcome in San MartĂ­n de Los Andes.
Meeting with the guide, discussion of the tour plan, and equipment check.
Afternoon: We will drive for about 5 hours to our first stop, Malacahuello town, where we will cross the border with Chile and continue our drive towards the north.
During our journey, we will drive by the foot of the highest volcano in the region, the LanĂ­n Volcano, located within the homonymous national park.

Day 2 - "Volcano Lonquimay ascent - 2865 mts"
The ascent begins. Today we will face a 1300-meter difference in altitude. The ascent will be soft at first, but, closer to the summit, we will walk over a dramatic ridge and the trail will become steeper. This is the first volcano on our list since it is a great warm-up before climbing the other two, which are more challenging. After the descent, we will drive to Malalcahuello National Park, where our next adventure awaits.

Day 3 - "Volcano Llaima ascent - 3125 mts"
The gradient of today’s ascent is quite constant. We begin our ascent from the hut and walk through several sections with hard snow. As we get closer to the summit we might need some ropes for extra safety.
At the crater, we will probably be able to observe volcanic gas emissions through which the volcano releases its internal pressure. Once back at the hut we will enjoy a tasty meal and a well-deserved night’s sleep.

Day 4 - "Rest"
Today we will allow our legs to rest from the hustle of conquering two volcanoes and we will drive to our last stop. On this day we will enjoy the opportunity to relax our muscles in natural hot springs.

Day 5 - "Volcano Villarica ascent - 2850 mts"
This last volcano is famous for its open crater. On some days you can hear its loud roaring and those lucky enough might even be able to see magma bubbles resulting from the volcanic activity. Just like the others, this volcano has a soft gradient at the beginning of the climb but gets more challenging half-way to the top. From the summit, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Andes to the east and the great Villarrica Lake to the west. After completing this tour’s last adventure we will drive back to San Martín de los Andes.


Day 1 Welcome & meeting Hostelry
Day 2 Vl.Lonquimay 1300 mts 1500 - 2865 - 1500 6 Shelter
Day 3 Vl.Llaima 1625 mts 1500 - 3125 - 1500 9 / 10 Shelter
Day 4 Trasnfer Hostelry
Day 5 Vl. Villarrica 1400 mts 1450 - 2850 - 1450 6 S.M.de los Andes


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