Andestrack is a tourist operator specializing in outdoor adventures for active people.
We focus on customized adventure tours with different levels of difficulty and technical experience. We offer unique experiences, both private or in small groups, which can be modified to suit all needs and dreams. Enjoy, discover, challenge yourself.


We know we deal with our passengers' dreams and expectations, their desire to overcome and their struggle against their own limits. We take on our work fully conscious of the importance this experience has on our passengers' development as individuals.


From the careful selection of the menu, to the brand of the technical equipments we choose, we take care of every aspect of the integral service we provide. We demand that our guides have a deep knowledge of Patagonian people and its culture and customs as well as a high empathy which allows a better approach to the passengers with whom they are going to share the trip.


Carrying out an activity in a mountain environment involves being exposed to certain risks. Our guides are highly qualified to take decisions at the most critical situations. Furthermore, we have communication technology to provide our passengers a real safety framework – Iridium satellite mobiles phones are used for expeditions in highly isolated areas.


Patagonia is not only our work place but also it is THE PLACE where we live in. We really pay attention to the impact of our programs. Although we always try to minimize it, we know impact nevertheless exists. That is why we are part of "1% For The Planet", donating part of our profits to environmental campaigns.


Contact us, telling us the characteristics of the trip you have in mind or what trip you want to join and we will answer you to start dreaming about your next experience.

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