Technical Information

Total days: 6
Program days: 5
Meeting point: Varvarco.
Ending point: Varvarco.

- 3 Nights of accommodation in a hostel, double base, with breakfast
- 3 Nights at camp
- Full time guide
- Support vehicle and bicycle cart
- Lunch and camping logistics
- Lunch and meals en route
- Dinner and breakfast at camp
- Repairing equipment
- First aid kits
- Group/vehicle communication equipment
- Emergency Satellite Communication

- Bicycles
- Dinners in the villages
- Personal Equipment

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Cordillera del viento - Argentina

The northern region of Neuquén province is where the Patagonian landscape begins to fade and starts to make way for those of the Cuyo region. Here you will find wide valleys, peaks over 3500-meter high, and rivers of meltwater that bring life to the most remote corners. All these features make this program a real adventure on wheels, not to be missed by bike lovers.

Highlights of the Domuyo Traverse
- Experience the warmth of the fire under millions of stars every night.
- Cycle through great glacial valleys, nowadays covered by green vegetation.
- Cross the river by bike, ride without paths or trails to follow, and relax in natural hot springs.

Huinganco entry
Huinganco entry

Day Before
Meeting in Varvarco.
Stetting up the bikes and equipment before the adventure.

Day 1 | Varvarco - Los Bolillos - Aguas Calientes
Our tour begins from the guest house towards the north, the Domuyo Volcano always in sight. The difficulty of today’s route lies in two large mountain valleys. These breathtaking and spectacular valleys almost sum up the entire grade of day.
Before reaching the first mountain valley we will detour for about 10 km to visit an interesting rock formation called Los Bolillos. 5 km after the last valley we will reach Aguas Calientes, our stop for the night.

Km Total: 45 - Slope: 2000 mts
Km Total: 45 - Slope: 2000 mts

Day 2 | Aguas Calientes - Lake Varvarco Tapia
Today we will skirt the Varvarco River to its source, an alpine lake. We will follow a rural path, with stunning views and long gravel descents more than 10 km long.
Our camping site is located on the shores of Lake Varvarco Tapia, populated by pink flamingos and surrounded by peaks higher than 3500 m.

Km Total: 42 - Slope: 850 mts
Km Total: 42 - Slope: 850 mts

Day 3 | Lake Varvarco Tapia - Campos - Camping site
Today’s goal is a breathtaking spot and getting there requires a great effort. Today we will cycle through part of the state road 53, which runs towards the north, and we will visit the magnificent Lake Varvarco Campos, always riding at an altitude of about 2000 m.a.s.l.
In the afternoon we will rest in the valley where the Neuquén River is born, a great spot to set up camp, sheltered from the wind.

Km Total: 74 - Slope: 1250 mts
Km Total: 74 - Slope: 1250 mts

Day 4 | Camping site - Varvarco
We continue our descent through the valley of the Neuquén River. On the way, we will come across some small settlements of goat breeders as we get used to seeing some civilization again.
At the end of the day, we will return to Varvarco, where we will be able to enjoy a warm shower and a good night’s sleep.

Km Total: 50 - Slope: 776 mts
Km Total: 50 - Slope: 776 mts

Day 5 | Varvarco - Butalon - Huinganco
Our last biking day will be truly amazing. We will start early in the morning by crossing the Neuquén River and following a mountain road that skirts the river towards the south.
The road will be tiring, full of ups and downs, but the breathtaking views will make up for all the hustle.
We drive by settlers' ranches and small villages of no more than 10 houses. At the end of the day, we will arrive at one of the most beautiful villages in the area, Huinganco, where we will have our farewell dinner and spend the last night.

Km Total: 52 - Slope: 1300 mts
Km Total: 52 - Slope: 1300 mts


Day before Meeting Hostelry
Day 1 45 km 2000 mts 0 45 km Camp
Day 2 42 km 850 mts 0 42 km Camp
Day 3 74 km 1250 mts 0 74 km Camp
Day 4 50 km 776 mts 0 50 km Hostelry
Day 5 52 km 1300 mts 0 52 km Hostelry


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