Technical Information

Duration: 5 hours

Included Services
- Boats and safety equipment
- Lunch / Snack
- Guides authorized in the National Park

Patagonia Norte - Argentina

Located 300 km away from San Martín de los Andes, it will take us about 25 minutes to get to the starting point of this tour.
Lake Machonico has a particular location that shelters it from the strong winds and makes it a very peaceful and quiet lake, perfect for this kayaking experience.
We will begin by getting the boats from the vehicle to the lakeshore, where we will have a safety briefing with the guide.
After paddling for a few minutes we will reach the Hermoso River’s mouth, where we will paddle upstream to Lake Pichi Machonico, a lake visited only by a few since it isn’t part of the most popular touristic tours.
Once we arrive at the lake we will continue paddling to its other end, where we will stop at a sandy beach, a perfect spot to have lunch, rest, and, for those brave enough, take a dip in the cold water.
After lunch, we will paddle back to the river that connects both lakes and continue downstream to the starting point. We will then return to San Martín de Los Andes.

- Experience a kayaking adventure in Patagonian waters.
- Rest at a lonely beach that can only be reached by boat.
- Paddle while discovering the bottom of the crystal-clear river.


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