Technical Information

Total days: 6
Program days: 5
Meeting point: San Martin de Los Andes.
Ending point: San Martin de Los Andes.

- Accommodation in San Martin de Los Andes (2)
- Guide
- Boats and safety equipment
- All meals on the tour
- Group camping equipment
- Dinner and breakfast at camp
- Land logistics
- First Aid kit
- VJF and emergency satellite communication

- Personal equipment


Patagonia Norte - Argentina

This wonderful kayaking adventure takes place in the 3 great lakes located to the south of the LanĂ­n Volcano. In these 4 days, we will paddle in crystal-clear lakes and camp in lonely and remote beaches, surrounded by incredible panoramic views of the glaciers hanging from the volcano, among many other unique experiences that this tour has to offer.

- Go kayaking in incredible glacial lakes in northern Patagonia.
- Spend each night on a different beach under huge araucarias.
- Kayak over lava slag heaps submerged under the water.
- Enjoy breathtaking views of the glaciers on the southern face of the LanĂ­n Volcano reflecting the sunset.

Day 1
Meeting in San MartĂ­n de Los Andes
Getting to know the group and discussing the details of the program. Transfer to Piedra Mala camping site.
In the afternoon we will have a briefing on kayaking safety measures.
Services included: We will spend the night at the camping site (BL, D)

Day 2
Kayaking in Lake PaimĂșn.
On this first day, we will kayak through most of Lake PaimĂșn. In the morning we will paddle on the northern shore and the mouth of PaimĂșn River, which descends to the Chilean border.
We will have lunch in an area called Aila, located on the southern shore. After enjoying a tasty meal we will paddle back to our camp.

Day 3
Lake Paimun - Park ranger’s old sectional.
Today we will have our first lake-chain since we will connect Lake PaimĂșn with Lake Huechulafquen, and then continue to Lake Epulafquen. We will cross from one lake to the next through small narrows and we will probably have to face stronger winds in some sections of the lakes.
We will end the day at the park ranger’s old sectional, which has stunning views of the Lanín Volcano and is the perfect spot to rest by the fire.

Day 4
Kayaking in Lake Epulafquen.
This lake is sheltered from the wind and is a great place to enjoy a quiet adventure in crystal-clear, green waters. Lake Epulafquen has plenty of deserted beaches where to take a dip, and the woods around it provide a nice, refreshing shadow.
The plan for today is a circular route that starts and ends in the same camping site, which allows us to spend more time kayaking without having to break and set up camp.

Day 5
Sectional area - Cañicul Bay
Today we will paddle from one lake to the next once more.
We will leave our camp in Lake Epulafquen and we will paddle through a narrow to Lake Huechulafquen, the biggest of the three lakes.
We will choose the shore on which to paddle depending on the direction and intensity of the winds.
We will end our adventure at Cañicul Bay, a spot protected from the wind and covered with lush, green pastures.
Transfer back to San MartĂ­n de Los Andes.

Safety is paramount in Andestrack. This is why our professional guides can modify the itinerary of the expedition, like distances to be covered, the lake in which to paddle, the paths to follow, and even cancel activities if the climatic conditions do not allow them or if the members of the group are not prepared to enjoy the adventure.


Day 1 Meeting & transfer Camp
Day 2 19 km 5 Camp
Day 3 22 km 5/6 Camp
Day 4 20 km 5/6 Camp
Day 5 21 km 5/6 San Martin de los Andes


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