Technical Information

Total days: 2
Days in the mountains: 1
Meeting point: Pucón, Chile.
Finishing point: Pucón, Chile.

- Mountain guide
- Assistant
- Transfers from and to Pucon
- Personal technical equipment
- Group technical equipment
- Communication equipment
- First Aid equipment


Araucania - Chile - 2845 mts

The Villarrica Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the Americas and is located in the Araucanía region, in Chile. Its original name is Ruca Pillán, given by the Araucanians in Mapudungun (Mapuche), and it means “the house of the spirits”.
A breathtaking natural environment surrounds it: ancient forests, emerald lakes, and huge glaciers cover its slopes.
Its crater is 315 meters wide and you can sometimes observe magma at 1200 degrees and stunning lava explosions.

Highlights of the Villarrica Volcano ascent
- Look into a smoking volcano, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
- See the magma within the crater, if the conditions allow it.
- Enjoy traditional dishes from Pucón, prepared with flavors from the Pacific Ocean.
- Visit natural hot springs, a well-deserved reward for our muscles tired from the trek.

Villarrica volcano ascent
Villarrica volcano ascent

Day 1
Meeting with the guide in Pucón and technical briefing to check the equipment and discuss the final details before the ascent.

Day 2 - On our way to Villarrica's summit
At 7 am our adventure will begin as we drive to the foot of the Villarrica Volcano.
We will begin our ascent, which will take about 6 hours depending on the group, and we will reach the 315-meter-wide crater rim.
After enjoying the views from the top we will return to the vehicles and drive back to Pucón.


Day 1 Metting in Pucon
Day 2 1400 1450 - 2850 - 1450 5


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