Technical Information

Total days: 5
Program days: 4
Meeting point: Villa La Angostura.
Finishing point: San Martin de Los Andes.

- Accommodation in Villa La Angostura
- Accommodation in Villa Traful
- Accommodation in San Martin de los Andes
- Guide
- Support vehicle
- All meals en route
- Group camping equipment
- Dinner and breakfast at camp
- Bicycle repair and cleaning equipment
- First aid kits
- Group/vehicle communication equipment

- Bicycles
- Dinners in the villages
- Other accommodations
- Personal Equipment

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Patagonia - Argentina

This circuit is a classic of northern Patagonia and it takes us through the shores of Lakes Correntoso, Traful, Meliquina, and Lacar.
We will cycle through 60 km of the famous Route of the 7 Lakes and we will include the scenic beauty of the Córdoba Pass and Lake Filo Hua Hum.
Each of the lakes and valleys included in this tour is an imprint of the ancient glacier movements in Northern Patagonia.
Going over the map, identifying the valleys and slopes, and then diving into them and discovering their wonders is, no doubt, an adventure worth experiencing on wheels.

Highlights of the Córdoba Pass tour
- Cycle through the wooded paths of northern Patagonia.
- Rest in sandy beaches and swim in crystal-clear waters.
- Sleep under the starry night by the fire.
- Get up with the freshness of the morning and start a new day of Patagonian mountain biking.

Day before
Meeting in Villa la Angostura.
We will meet with the guide in the afternoon to go over the itinerary and check the bikes.

Day 1 | Villa La Angostura - Villa Traful
We ride through secondary roads from the hotel to the Correntoso River and Lake area.
Here we will join the Road of the 7 Lakes. We follow the road for about 20 kilometers up to a junction, where a gravel path will take us to Villa Traful.
This trail goes up for about 900 meters to a narrow pass. After the pass, we still have to ride another 25 km of ups and downs skirting Lake Traful. Most of the ride takes place in a mountainous, wooded area.

Km Total: 60 - Slope: 1140 mts
Km Total: 60 - Slope: 1140 mts

Day 2 | Villa Traful - Filo Hua Hum
We leave early in the morning through a winding, gravel path with differences in altitude not higher than 100 meters. We skirt Lake Traful for about 25 km until we get to the confluence between the Traful and Limay rivers. The first 10 km of this gravel road are quite flat, but then an ascent to the first narrow pass begins. We then descend and ascend once more to the pass itself. From the pass, and surrounded by incredible views of the stone formations of varied colors, we start a descent of almost 12 km to the Caleufu River, a perfect spot for a short break and a refreshment. We will then ride the last 10 km to the camping site.

Km Total: 80 - Slope: 1460 mts
Km Total: 80 - Slope: 1460 mts

Day 3 | Villa Traful - Filo Hua Hum
After such a long day, we advise resting a bit more in the morning. We will start today’s trek slowly through a private farm towards a lake that can only be accessed on foot, Lake Nuevo.
The mountain trail goes through the valley with very soft ups and downs, and reaching this isolated spot is worth the effort. If the weather is good, before returning to our camp, we will be able to swim and walk a few extra meters to the edge of Lake Falkner.
Once back at the camping site, we will relax and enjoy some beers by the lake, before starting the fire for tonight’s dinner.

Km Total: 31 - Slope: 336 mts
Km Total: 31 - Slope: 336 mts

Day 4 | Filo Hua Hum - San Martín de Los Andes
From our campsite, we cycle along a wide gravel road bordering Lake Meliquina for approximately 28 km. The first half of the ride takes place under the sun, but we then enter a forest that provides some nice shade. We continue cycling until we reach the asphalted road, Road of the 7 Lakes, that leads to San Martin de Los Andes.


Day before Meeting Hostelry
Day 1 60 km 1140 mts 30 km 30 km Hostelry
Day 2 80 km 1460 mts 0 80 km Camp
Day 3 31 km 336 mts 0 31 km Camp
Day 4 60 km 700 mts 30 km 30 km Hostelry


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