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Salta - Jujuy -Argentina

On this tour we want you to get to know the variety of landscapes that the Puna and the Altiplano have to offer, together with their traditions, culture, food, and people.
Part of the circuit will be above 3400 amsl. On this tour, we will cycle without generating any shadows, since we will be spending our days above the Tropic of Capricorn. A truly special bike tour across unique and breathtaking landscapes.

- A culturally rich environment everywhere we go, always welcomed by the warmth and friendliness of the people from the north.
- Breathtaking and unique landscapes: the mountains with their incredible colours, the magnitude of the salt flats, the high passes, the quietness of the desolate plains.
- The food, the wine, the tradition.
- An intense and varied cycling adventure, in a region very different from any other in the country, with relaxing nights in very original and welcoming lodgings.

Day before
After meeting in the city of Salta we will have lunch and take some time to check the equipment and prepare the bikes. If we have time, we will try to test the bikes on a short ride to a nearby viewpoint. In the afternoon we will meet with the guides to discuss the itinerary of the tour, general information about the weather in the area, maps, and information regarding the safety and the guiding of the group on the route.

Day 1 | Salta - Tilcara [Ruta de La Cornisa]
Our trip begins with a transfer towards the north, to the town of Vaqueros. Once there we will jump on the bikes to ride along the route called la Ruta de la Cornisa (the corniche road). The route runs along a narrow road with lush vegetation on both sides that becomes less dense as we make our way towards the Puna. We stop for lunch at a beautiful lake with nice views and then take the transfer to the city of Tilcara, where we will begin to connect with the culture of northern Argentina.

Day 2 | Tilcara - Serrania Hornocal - Tilcara
From our lodging, we drive along a gravel road to a truly unique geological formation known as the Cerro de los 14 Colores (mountain of the 14 colours). After a 1.5-hour transfer, we arrive at the Hornocal viewpoint, where we will enjoy the spectacular views and surely take many pictures.
We prepare the bikes for an incredible ride almost 100% downhill, a road that passes through the hamlets of Ocumazo and Calete. We will then follow the main road, we will pass the town of Humahuaca, and we will finally reach the square of Uquia.
You may follow the road to Tilcara by bike since it is entirely downhill and on an asphalted road.

Day 3 | Tilcara - Iruya
Today we dive deep into the NOA (northwestern Argentina). The scenery is amazing, even more so when we can enjoy it while descending on gravel roads that reveal breathtaking views at every turn.
The day begins with a 2-hour transfer from Tilcara to the Abra del Condor Pass. From the highest point, we descend by bike to the Andean town of Iruya. After lunch, we suggest a walk along the river bed to an even more remote village called San Isidro, where vehicles are not allowed and the pre-Columbian constructions are the key highlight. Once back in Iruya, we will have time for an aperitif on the terrace of the hotel with an excellent view of the valley where the town is located.

Day 4 | Iruya - Purmamarca
We climb the Abra del Condor again but this time to enjoy a long descent to the main road. We will then continue the ride on the asphalted road to the town of Huacalera, where we will have lunch. After resting under the shade of a few trees next to the road, we continue towards the picturesque town of Purmamarca, located at the foot of the Cerro de los Siete Colores (Hill of Seven Colours).

Day 5 | Purmamarca - Salinas Grandes - Purmamarca
From Purmamarca we ascend towards the border with Chile through the steep slope of Lipán to the Salinas Grandes (Great Salt Flats) and we turn to the SW through the RP 79 to the Hotel Minero.
Today's schedule begins with a trip to the salt flat and a 30 km bike ride over it, a great adventure that will lead us to the international route. Once on the asphalted road, we will make a stop to rest, take pictures and grab a snack. From here, we will take the transfer back to the highest point of the Lipan slope and cycle down to Purmamarca.

Day 6 | Purmamarca - Salta
In the morning, optionally, we suggest a short hike to a viewpoint on the Cerro de los Siete Colores (Hill of Seven Colours), so that we can have an early lunch at the hotel and then take the transfer back to Salta.

Day 7
Goodbye with free time in Salta if our fly time allows us. Transfer to airport.
[Optional - visit the MAM]


Day before Metting Hostelry
Day 1 51 km 125 km 770 mts 51 km 0 Hostelry
Day 2 50 km 102 km 200 mts 12 km 38 km Hostelry
Day 3 21 km 94 km 50 mts 0 21 km Hostelry
Day 4 52 km 94 km 440 mts 24 km 28 km Hostelry
Day 5 65 km 127 km 46 mts 35 km 30 km Hostelry
Day 6 160 km Hostelry


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