Technical Information

Total days: 5
Days in the mountains: 3
Meeting point: Varvarco.
Finishing point: Varvarco.

- Accommodation in Hostelry (2)
- Mountain guide
- Assistant
- All meals in the mountains
- Personal technical equipment
- Group technical equipment
- Communication equipment
- Satellite Communication
- First Aid equipment

- Packing horses


Neuquen - Argentina - 4.713 mts

The Domuyo Volcano is one of the biggest challenges in mountaineering tourism. This volcano stands out because of its height and is popularly known as the “Roof of Patagonia”.
This ascent is framed by the unique landscape of the Cordillera del Viento mountain range, to which the Domuyo Volcano belongs, with its thermal waters, geysers, and plumes of smoke.

This is a progressive ascent with intermediate camps and all the highlights of a classic mountain adventure.

Highlights of the ascent to the top of Domuyo Volcano
- Face a true mountain ascent above 4700 m.a.s.l..
- Enjoy the perfect balance between effort and pleasure.
- Dive into the immensity of the Andean landscape.
- Challenge your body and mind on a high altitude ascent.

Camp 3100 mts - Domuyo Volcano
Camp 3100 mts - Domuyo Volcano

Day 1
Meeting in Varvarco, Minas department, Neuquén.
Briefing with the mountain guide, equipment check for the trek to the top of Domuyo Volcano, and discussion of the technical details of the ascent.

Day 2 - "Let’s dive into the Andes"
We will drive for 1 hour in 4WD vehicles from the hotel to the trailhead.
We will slowly gain altitude as we follow the mountain trail at the foot of the volcano, which we locally call the valley of the volcano, up to the base camp located at 3100 m.a.s.l. At the base camp, we will stop for lunch and a short break. From the base camp, we will walk for another two hours to our final camp, at 3400 m.

Day 3 - "On our way to Domuyo’s summit"
Today we will get up early, at 3 am, in order to be on our way to the summit by 4 am.
We still have to overcome a difference in altitude of 1400 meters to the top of the volcano. The trail is a quiet one, with soft ascents and no technical challenges. As we get closer to the 4000 meters we reach the most challenging stretch of the climb, on rougher terrain and a steeper gradient. To complete this section safely we will use technical equipment. The trail then continues to the top without further difficulties.
The total ascent to the summit of Domuyo Volcano takes 7 to 8 hours. After achieving our goal we will descend through the same path to the camping site at the foot of the mountain for a well-earned rest.

Day 4 - "Let’s enjoy the hot springs"
On this last day we will hike down to the parking area and we will drive to “Aguas Calientes”, where a natural hot spring river runs at 37°C.
This is a great reward for the body after such a demanding trek. After this well-deserved rest we will drive back to Varvarco for the night.


Day 1 Meeting in Varvarco Hostelry
Day 2 1000 mts 2400 - 3400 4 Camp
Day 3 1400 mts 3400 - 4713 - 3400 10 / 12 Camp
Day 4 -1000 mts 3400 - 2400 3 Hostelry


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