Technical Information

Total days: 4
Days in the mountains: 2
Meeting point: SMAndes / Pto Varas.
Finishing point: SMAndes / Pto Varas.

- Mountain guide
- Shelter
- All meals in the mountains
- Personal technical equipment
- Group technical equipment
- Communication equipment
- First Aid equipment

- Accommodation in SMAndes / Pto Varas
- Personal Equipment


Araucanía - Chile - 2652 mts

The Osorno Volcano is one of the few volcanoes in northern Patagonia that offers some technical sections on its traditional ascent route and requires specific equipment to make it to the top safely.
During the ascent, and especially from the summit, we will be able to enjoy incredible views of the Todos los Santos, Llanquihue, and Rupanco lakes, and of the Puntiagudo, Calbuco, Casablanca, Puyehue, and Monte Tronador volcanoes.
This ascent also includes one day of glacial ice-climbing, where you will learn basic vertical progression techniques. This trek is the perfect combo to enjoy all the options that this volcano has to offer.

Highlights of the Osorno Volcano
- Dive into glacier cracks and climb back up to the surface.
- Climb with your ice axe between ice formations to reach their top.
- Learn abseiling.
- Enjoy a sunset with stunning views of Llaquihue Lake.
- Spend the night at a mountain hut.

Day 1 - "Ice-climbing session"
We will meet at Teski Hut and we will make our way to the glacier.
The trek to the crack area takes about 1 hour and a half. Once we arrive we will begin with the instructions regarding the technical equipment, like ice axes and ropes, inside the glacier, right at the bottom of one of the cracks.
After a whole day of ice climbing we return to the hut, where we will have dinner and recover some energy for our next adventure, the push to the summit.

Day 2 - "On our way to Osorno's summit"
After breakfast at Teski hut, we will begin our ascent. At first, we will follow the same trail as the previous day, but we will soon change to a different path that goes almost in a straight line to the top.
The last sections of the ascent are technical and the techniques learned the day before will give us that extra confidence to make it to the summit safely.
Although there are no vertical sections, there are some very steep stretches of ramps among breathtaking ice formations. After conquering the summit we will return to the hut, where we will say goodbye and each one will go on with their journey.


Day 1 600 1150 - 1750 - 1150 6 Shelter
Day 2 1500 1500 - 2650 - 1600 7 Hostery


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